Authentic Greek Tzatziki Sauce

If you’re up for a culinary escapade, tzatziki sauce is your passport to Flavor Paradise. This homemade delight will transport you to the enchanting streets of Greece with its creamy goodness and zesty embrace. So, grab your pita and get ready to dip, dollop, and dance your way to Mediterranean bliss. 

Oh, sunny Greece! The land of awe-inspiring beauty and mouthwatering cuisine. Picture yourself lounging on a beach chair, basking in the warm Mediterranean sun, and getting ready to embark on a flavor-filled journey. Greece is one of my favorite places in the world, not only for the epic beaches, beautiful nature, and historical sites but also for the amazing Mediterranean cuisine. And if there’s one dish that instantly transports me to a Greek island is the tzatziki sauce. 

This Greek sauce is super easy to prepare, using only simple ingredients that you probably already have laying in your pantry. Made with wholesome ingredients like Greek yogurt, cucumbers, and herbs, tzatziki sauce is not only delicious but also a guilt-free indulgence. Tzatziki is a crowd-pleaser at parties, potlucks, or any gathering, especially during summer! It’s a great recipe to share with others and believe me… Your friends and family will be begging for the recipe!

If you want to go full-on Greek, I recommend pairing this awesome tzatziki with authentic Greek pita bread.

What does this Tzatziki sauce taste like?

Tzatziki sauce is a flavor explosion in every bite! This creamy delight combines the tanginess of Greek yogurt, the zing of fresh lemon juice, the coolness of cucumber, and the aromatic punch of garlic and herbs. This amazing combination of ingredients results in a burst of freshness that’s hard to resist.

Why should you make this recipe?

  • Tzatziki is incredibly versatile, whether you’re using it as a dip, sauce, or spread. It pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes, from grilled meats and pita bread to fresh veggies and salads.
  • It’s a healthier alternative to traditional creamy dips, as Greek yogurt provides a nutritious and protein-rich base.
  • It’s a breeze to make, requiring just a handful of ingredients and minimal effort.
  • Impress your guests by serving this authentic Greek delight, and transport them to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean.
  • Making tzatziki is an opportunity to celebrate Greek cuisine, indulge in a delicious homemade sauce, and share the love with others.


Greek Yogurt – The creamy and tangy base of the tzatziki sauce, providing a luscious texture and rich flavor.

Cucumber – The refreshing and crisp cucumber adds a delightful crunch and a cool note to balance the creaminess.

Garlic – The aromatic garlic infuses the sauce with a pungent and flavorful kick.

White Wine – A splash of white wine adds a subtle depth of flavor to the sauce, taking it to the next level.

Dill – The fragrant and herbaceous dill gives the tzatziki a distinct Greek flair.

Olive Oil – A drizzle of olive oil adds a silky mouthfeel and enhances the overall taste.

Salt & Pepper – The essential seasonings that bring out the flavors and balance the sauce.

Tips for recipe success

  • Make sure to strain the cucumber well before adding it to the sauce to remove excess moisture and prevent the tzatziki from becoming watery.
  • Finely mince the garlic to ensure a smooth texture and even distribution of flavor.
  • If you don’t have white wine, you can substitute it with a splash of lemon juice for a tangy twist.
  • Fresh dill is the star of the show, so opt for it whenever possible. However, dried dill can be used as a substitute.

Tzatziki Sauce

Cuisine: Greek, MediterraneanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes



 An authentic recipe for one of the most beloved Greek delicacies – the Tzatziki sauce!


  • 500g Greek yogurt (or 300g strained Greek yogurt)

  • 1 large cucumber (about 350g)

  • 1⁄2 glove of garlic

  • 3 tbsp white wine

  • 15g dill (fresh)

  • 2 tbsp olive oil

  • salt & pepper (to taste)


  • Strain the Greek yogurt through a fine mesh (this should result in about 300g of strained yogurt).
  • Peel the cucumber, add a pinch of salt and 1 tbsp of white wine, and set aside to release all liquid.
  • In a separate bowl, add the yogurt, garlic, olive oil, and the remaining 2 tbsp of white wine and mix until combined.
  • Squeeze the cucumber to release all the liquid and add it to the yogurt mixture.
  • Chop the dill and mix it in.
  • Add salt & pepper to taste and enjoy!

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